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Rain In Spain. Ten Tales for Guitar and Group
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Spain – inspiring and fascinating:

Rain In Spain. You will feel and find out that melancholy, ardent desire, quietness as well as the sun, joy of life and rhythm are all one unit that cannot be separated. Andalucía. Take an airplane to Sevilla, drive a car along the winding roads of the Sierra Nevada and then get on a horse and ride it through the olive groves. Amigo. For all my friends – especially for one of them – I put my arm on his shoulders.
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El Largo, Camino Hacia La Fuente. All the long way down to the source. The path is the goal. It takes a lot of time, patience and spiritual power to reach the source again and again. Latin Summer. From the melting pot "Latin Music" with jazzy and spanish elements. Destino Del Toro. The bullfight. After three years of bringing him up he will meet his final destiny within 20 minutes. Hotel Voyageur. I used to play this "Cha Cha" one summer long every evening in front of a hotel located at the harbour of an Atlantic island.
Eminor. Dedicated to my parents, my sister and my brother. For each of them this song has a certain meaning. Island Dreams. Sometimes I feel like an island full of desire for peace, harmony and love – but on the other hand melancholy evokes my creative musical senses. La Luna. Moonlight nights keep a lot of secret and provide me with a magic attraction.